Thursday, September 8, 2011

Polymers for Peace? The Hunger for Mores

All that cholesterol will surely make a man out of you.

Read the fine print. Eat some fruits and vegetables.

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A good friend of mine forwarded an article published by the Wall Street Journal regarding GINORMOUS burgers, at McDonald’s in Japan.

Source: Wall Street Journal

A few months ago, Mcdonald’s Holding Co (Japan) Ltd. announced the roll out of its Big America 2 burger campaign. This campaign features 4 different (and hefty) burgers named after 4 U.S. locales: the Idaho, the Manhattan, the Miami and the Texas 2. The Idaho burger, maxing out at 713 calories, is stuffed with bacon, a hash brown patty and a 1/4 lb of beef.

The strange thing isn’t so much the burgers (we have burgers here that rival the Idaho burger in calorie and size), but that the Japanese, significantly more lean than the average Americans, have embraced these burgers with open, untarnished, arms. Should the Japanese be concerned about the introduction of these gargantuan burgers into their society and food culture?

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