Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Perspective No. 2014-10-2

23 Sep 2014: The Guardian. Hackers are trying to silence Emma Watson by leaking nude photos - but they only made her voice louder | Women in Leadership

"It seems we are psychologically inclined to see an attempt at creating diversity by white men as a good thing, while anyone else is a trouble-maker."

22 Oct 2014: University of Arizona. As permafrost soils thaw, soil microbes amplify global climate change | ScienceDaily

22 Oct 2014: Global Possibilities. “‘It Will Never Be The Same’: North Dakota’s 840,000-Gallon Oil Spill One Year Later”

22 Oct 2014: Global Possibilities. Applying Compost To Soil Can Help Cut Carbon Pollution

"The act of composting — not just the final product’s application to grazed soils — has been tied to emissions reductions in the past. When vegetable scraps and other green waste is sent to a landfill — an anaerobic, or oxygen-free environment — it produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas. When it’s composted, it’s exposed to oxygen, and produces very little methane, making composting organic material a more climate-friendly choice."

A nice history lesson, that adds an extra dimension to the oil embargo, however, there is a deeper lesson. We are reminded to acknowledge how an institutionalized paradigm can effectively 'mandate' waste and inefficiency.

21 Jul 2014: Wiley. Replacing coal, oil with natural gas will not help fight global warming, expert argues | ScienceDaily

22 Oct 2014: Fast Company. In The Near Future, Solar Will Be Spray Painted On Everything | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

13 Dec 2013: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Water, water everywhere: But is there enough to drink? | At MIT, experts address the challenges of supplying clean, safe water to a growing world population.

22 Oct 2014: Global Possibilities VIA TRUTHOUT. California’s Dwindling Water Supply Is Contaminated, and More

21 Oct 2014: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Getting the salt out | Study shows electrodialysis can provide cost-effective treatment of salty water from fracked wells.

01 Nov 2011: Sunlight Foundation. We Can't Have Corporate Accountability Until We Have Corporate Identifiers"

10 Apr 2014: AlwaysOn Network. Environmentalists, unions, and crony "green" capitalists skew California's infrastructure

20 Jun 2014: RT USA. Thousands of oil and gas wells in Pennsylvania suspected of leaking methane

"Concern over a link between methane and oil exploration also made headlines earlier this month, when scientists found a link between the high levels of the gas in Parker County, Texas, and neighboring fracking operations. As RT reported previously, the Texas Railroad Commission found the link to be “inconclusive,” but closer inspection of the data by another earth scientist said it’s clear the methane in the water supply came from the fracking process. "Separate tests by the University of Texas at Arlington, meanwhile, found methane levels in the water to be much higher than the Railroad Commission did."

13 Feb 2014: Stanford University. America's natural gas system is leaky and in need of a fix, new study finds

"A review of more than 200 earlier studies confirms that U.S. emissions of methane are considerably higher than official estimates. Leaks from the nation's natural gas system are an important part of the problem. This finding has important implications for natural gas as a possible replacement fuel for coal."

14 May 2014: Cornell University. "Control methane now, greenhouse gas expert warns." ScienceDaily.

09 Oct 2014: Common Dreams. Pinkwashing: Fracking Company Teams Up With Susan G. Komen to ‘End Breast Cancer Forever’ | Breaking News and Views for the Progressive Community

01 Apr 2013: Eastbay Express. Judge Rules in Favor of Big Banks and Against Richmond and EBMUD | Politics and Breaking News | Oakland, Berkeley, Bay Area & California | Seven Days

23 Oct 2014: Truth-out. Goldman Makes It Official That the Stock Market Is Manipulated, Buybacks Drive Valuations

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