Thursday, April 28, 2011

MC: 3 stories of local eco-entrepreneurs

Leading economic developers seem to be forecasting a confluence of local patterns that may reflect a resurgence of still broader national indicators, astonished on lookers with a vitality once believed forever lost. The art of weaving, once upon a time 'the daily bread' at the heart of America's heritage, seems to be making an astonishing comeback....

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Majora Carter: 3 stories of local eco-entrepreneurship

About this talk

The future of green is local -- and entrepreneurial. At TEDxMidwest, Majora Carter brings us the stories of three people who are saving their own communities while saving the planet. Call it "hometown security."

About Majora Carter

Majora Carter redefined the field of environmental equality, starting in the South Bronx at the turn of the century. Now she is leading the local economic development movement across the USA. Full bio and more links

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