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nep-pke Post Keynesian Economics 413 Karl Petrick, University of the West Indies, Jamaica

nep-pol Positive Political Economics 448 Eugene Beaulieu, University of Calgary, Canada

nep-soc Social Norms & Social Capital 2705 Fabio Sabatini, Euricse, Italy

nep-sog Sociology of Economics 354 Jonas Holmström, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland

nep-ure Urban & Real Estate Economics 546 Steve Ross, University of Connecticut, USA

Multi-dimensional, continuous, non-differentiable, nonlinear, non-Gaussian problems must be solved in real-time. Most existing techniques for stochastic planning, network analysis and reinforcement learning are therefore inapplicable due to the initial complexity of the problem statements.

One approach towards a solution employs Bayesian optimization methods that dynamically trade-off exploration (minimizing uncertainty in unknown parts of the policy space) against exploitation (capitalizing on the current maximal solution).

[Paraphrased from A Bayesian Exploration-Exploitation Approach for Optimal Online Sensing and Planning with a Visually Guided Mobile Robot

by Ruben Martinez-Cantin -]

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