Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turmeric Shown to be Natural Remedy Against Alzheimer's and Cancer

I was overjoyed to hear, that a good friend of mine saw a fantastic boost in white blood cell count after initiating a diet that included turmeric.

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Turmeric Shown to be Natural Remedy Against Alzheimer's

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 by: Sheryl Walters, citizen journalist
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India has one the lowest numbers of people suffering with Alzheimer`s in the world. In fact just 1% of Indians over 65 suffers from the disease while that number is more like 10% in America. For years scientists and Doctors had struggled to understand exactly why this is, but research in to the medical properties of a well known spice may just have provided the answer. Early research in to Turmeric was based totally around the spice's amazing ability to stop the growth of cancerous cells. But as the spice was investigated further researchers found that it may also prevent the progression of Alzheimer`s.Read more at

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