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Tefsel: A Real Tough Sell

After watching a documentary on Hulu, which discussed how Science seemed so slow to recognize Nature's use of fractals, that were popularized by the visual thinker, Benoit Mandelbrot, I was pleased to recognize their character:

"The Teflon molecules are broken into smaller Teflon particles (Remember that Teflon is a polymer molecule that can be broken into smaller fragments without changing its chemical properties)." [p. 2, 2nd]

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DuPont's Teflon Cover-up

EPA Steps In - Pg 3 of 3

By Roberta C. Barbalace

[Mar. 22, 2006]

Had it not been for the diligence of a "whistle blowing" employee at DuPont, the case might still have been unexposed. This makes one wonder it there are lots of other "C-8s" out there, different chemicals, created by companies other than DuPont, with dubious records, filed away in dusty research files marked "Personal and Confidential."

Found in blood

  • PHOa: Perfluorooctanoic acid - used in processing Teflon (5)
  • PHOs: perfluorooctane sulfonate
  • PFOS: Perfluorooctanyl sulfonate - Active ingredient in Scotch Guard

Temperature Versus Teflon offgas/breakdown and effects (2)

464°F - Lowest temperature that Teflon particles have been measured
500°F - Searing temperature for meat
536°F - Birds killed in DuPont lab experiments
554°F - Oxidized Teflon particles released
680°F - Toxic gases released
  • TFE - Animal carcinogen
  • HFP - Worker Toxicant
  • TFA - Poisonous to plants
  • DFA - Animal kidney toxicant
  • MFA - Lethal to humans at low doses
  • PFOA - Animal carcinogen

700°F - Preheated grill
750°F - Surface Temperature of PTFE coated pan after heating for 8 minutes on conventional stove
800°F - Electric coil on range top
878°F - Silica tetrafluoride released - Highly toxic by inhalation and ingestion
887°F - PFIB - Chemical warfare agent
932°F - Carbonyl fluoride - Fluorinated version of chemical warfare agent
1,000°F - Drip Pans in stove top burner gas flame on top
1112°F - Trifluoroacetic acid fluoride - degrades to HF and TFA, OFCB Linked to Heart palpations, PFB - Global warming gas
1,202°F Carbon tetrafluoride - contributes to glogal warming and affects heart, lungs, breathing
1,500°F - Broiling temperature for high end ovens


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