Thursday, October 21, 2010

Penalty for Participation: Green Party GC, Laura Wells, Found Herself..., well, Behind Bars!

Should the Interests of a Few outweigh the Needs of the Many?

SAN RAFAEL (Oct 12, 2010) - Green Party gubernatorial candidate Laura Wells was arrested here Tuesday as she was attempting to legally enter - with a ticket - the Governor's Debate at Dominican University. Private security arrested Ms. Wells, handcuffed her and held her against her will until San Rafael Police intervened.

Ms. Wells, based on the citizen arrest by Barbier Security agents for allegedly trespassing, now must appear in court...ironically, on Election Day, 11.2 (02NOV2010): -

Arrested Green Party gubernatorial candidate Laura Wells will fight charges; Calls debate 'fraud,' and the 'real crime' what's happening to California

SAN RAFAEL (Oct 13, 2010) - Green Party gubernatorial candidate Laura Wells, arrested Tuesday night as she was entering the Governor debate here - although holding a ticket, said Wednesday she will fight the charges, even though the court date is set for Election Day, 11.2 (02NOV2010): -

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Laura Wells for Governor

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  Cynthia Santiago presents "obstacle" to Democrats in 51st Assembly District. Read the full article.






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By Linda Piera-Avila, Opinion Piece to the Santa Monica Daily Press
September 16, 2010

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