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AIA East Bay - Lead Abatement - New Rules

After World War II, the West Oakland economy began to decline, and Federal Renewal Projects including freeways, public transportation, and a Main Post Office began to fracture the community, displacing residents and weakening commercial activity.

Lead Poisoning

Since 1995, the West Oakland zip code of 94607 has ranked as one of the top three worst zip codes for childhood lead poisoning risk within the entire Alameda County.

Lead Abatement

Although West Oakland is considered one of the highest risk areas in Alameda County for lead poisoning, the number of lead abatement projects in West Oakland in 2000 was less than 8% of the total for Oakland.

The Indicators Project was initiated in 2000 to document the problems of injustice [NOTE - sounds like justice is a problem·] and environmental degradation for use in community advocacy campaigns.

Pacific Institute

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Oakland, CA 94612

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Project Directors: Steve Costa, Meena Palaniappan (, Arlene K. Wong

Contributing Authors: Jeremy Hays, Clara Landeiro, Jane Rongerude

The indicators report is available here for download in pdf format:

A companion to indicators publication is the Environmental Indicators Project web site (, which is a resource for neighborhood indicator data, information on methodology, links to other neighborhood sustainability indicator projects, and other project resources.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lead Abatement - New Rules

The US EPA's new "Renovation, Repair and Painting Program" is triggering training and certification for most firms and contractors doing work in pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities. This childhood lead poisoning prevention program regulation is having a profound impact on the home remodeling and maintenance business. For example, an firm that disturbs more than six feet of paint inside a room of a pre-1978 home or 20 feet on the outside of a home, must be "certified" by the US EPA and the supervisor must take a one-day "Certified Renovator" course from an EPA-approved training program. The penalty for non-compliance is $37,500 per day per violation. The EPA temporarily delayed enforcement of parts of the regulation till the end of September, but says that they will begin fully enforcing the rule in October 2010. Mr. Wangerin will discuss how this regulation has changed slightly by lawsuits and how it will apply in California. For example, some aspects of this regulation allowed outside of California are not allowed here.

Tom Wangerin is the owner of Wangerin Environmental, an environmental consulting and training organization. Tom has over 20 years experience in providing asbestos and lead paint consulting services and training to clients such as NASA, US Air Force, Cities of San Francisco, Hayward, San Luis Obispo and Universities such as UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, University of Nevada Las Vegas. Tom has also worked with scores of private building owners and companies. Among other things Tom is the Director of Asbestos and Lead Training for the University of California at Berkeley Center for Occupational and Environmental Health.


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